5. Receiving a task request

When someone assigns a task request to you, you will receive an email message with information about the task. You can accept or decline the request by clicking on the relevant button at the top of the email message (assuming you are using an Outlook or Entourage client). If you accept the task, it is added to your task list.

Working on tasks assigned to you is no different from working on your own tasks; you can add information to the text field, update how much you have completed, etc. However, when an assigned task is updated or completed, the requestor will be notified (assuming they have opted for this).

You can choose to send a status report at any time, either to the person who assigned the task or someone else. Click on the Send Status Report icon in the top banner of the Task screen to generate an email message with information about the current status.
The top banner of a tasks screen showing, among other things, the
                            Send Status Report button.
Figure 13. Send Status Report button on Task screen
Add any comments you want to include. Click on the To button and select the recipient(s) from the list that pops up. Click Send to send the message.

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