Nexus provides an electronic to-do list known as Tasks. You can add tasks, either by simply typing them in or by turning an email message into a task. You can set a completion date or time, and track progress as you work through the task. You can also assign tasks to others and receive notification when the task is updated or completed.

You can access your Tasks in different ways, and you can change the way your tasks are displayed, how they are ordered and so on. You can re-arrange them, edit them and print lists of your tasks (or a selection of them).
The Outlook 2007 Task display window showing a list of tasks in the
                        middle window.
Figure 1. Tasks in Outlook 2007

Like other Nexus features, you can also share tasks and delegate management of them. You can also assign tasks to others and monitor their progress.

This section tells you how to get started using Tasks. If you would like to follow a self-paced course, you can try Managing Tasks with Outlook 2003 Using MS Outlook 2003 which is available as a pdf-file. Chapters 21 and 22 deal with Tasks.

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