2. Upgrading to Outlook 2010

  1. After you have installed the Office product on your machine, select Outlook 2010 from [Start] > [All Programs] > [Microsoft Office] > [Outlook 2010]
  2. Outlook 2010 will open and show the following opening dialogue box:
    Outlook opening screen
  3. It will then inform you that it is configuring Outlook 2010 for its first use:
    Configuring for first use dialogue box
  4. Next you will see a new box asking you for your Nexus login details:
    Login dialogue box

    Please note you need to add your username in the form of abcd1234@nexus.ox.ac.uk and then add your Oxford Account (Single Sign-On) password in the appropriate box

  5. The Outlook opening screen is shown again before a new dialogue box appears asking if you will allow the autodiscover.nexus website to configure your account. Press the Allow button to continue
    Allow autodiscover.nexus site to configure account
  6. Outlook will now continue to configure your account and this may take a few minutes.
  7. Once the account has been configured you will see your account's InBox with all your emails.
  8. You may also see a Recommended Settings box:
    Recommended setting dialogue box
  9. Choose which setting you wish Microsoft Office to use from the three available options
  10. Microsoft office will next download any updates it needs to complete its configuration
  11. Outlook will show a Your mailbox is currently being optimized message near the top of the screen:
    Optimising Outlook message on Inbox screen
    This will be removed automatically when Outlook has completed its configuration tasks. This may take a few minutes. Your account is now ready for use.

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