3. Add a new profile

In some instances you may find it useful to have more than one profile setup for use with Outlook. This is particularly useful if you have other Nexus email accounts that you wish to use separately from your main account or if you have other accounts with alternative suppliers (e.g. Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc.). If you wish to see all your Nexus accounts under one profile see 4. Running multiple Nexus mailboxes under one profile. To add another profile:

  1. Open Mail in Windows Control Panel via [Start] > [Control Panel] > [Mail]
    Control panel screen shot

    N.B. Windows 7 and Vista users may need to do a search inside their Control Panel to find the Mail icon as its not normally shown

  2. The Mail Setup - Outlook screen opens
    Mail setup - Outlook screen
  3. Select Show Profiles button to see a list of current profiles
    Mail profiles screen shot
  4. To create a new profile, click the Add button. A new Profiles dialogue box appears
  5. Type in a name for the new profile and click OK
  6. The Add New Account setup screen opens:
    Configuration screen
  7. The set up instructions now follow those given from point 7 of the First Time Configuration instructions

If you wish to create a new profile but not to configure an email account at the same time:

  1. Follow the instructions above to point 6 above
  2. On the Add New Account screen click on the Cancel button
  3. An alert box appears asking if you wish to configure a profile without an email account or if you wish to end the configuration process. Click OK to add the profile without an email account being configured.
  4. The profile is now created and you will see it in the Mail profiles box
  5. Click OK to finish and close the Mail screen

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