1. Removing cached credentials

  1. Launch the Credential Manager (from [Control Panel] and [User Settings])
  2. In the Generic Credentials section you’ll see a setting for [MS Outlook] which will include your SSO details. Click the downward-pointing arrow to the right of that value:
    Store ceredentials for automatic logon screen
  3. The section will expand to show further details. Under those details is a link to Remove from vault. Click this and Outlook will no longer have a stored copy of your password:
    Shows further details and the remove from vault link

2. Updating Outlook when your password has changed

When Outlook connects to the server the saved credentials will no longer work. This is flagged in your computer’s notification area:

computer’s notification area with Outlook message

3. Changing Outlook to store your password

If you do not have a saved password and you now would like Outlook to store it for you, there is an option for this on the [Send/Receive] tab:

Outlook interface, send / receive menu options