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Cached credentials in Outlook 2010 on Windows 7


1. Removing cached credentials

  1. Launch the Credential Manager (from [Control Panel] and [User Settings])
  2. In the Generic Credentials section you’ll see a setting for [MS Outlook] which will include your SSO details. Click the downward-pointing arrow to the right of that value:

    Figure images/image1.png [Store ceredentials for automatic logon screen]

  3. The section will expand to show further details. Under those details is a link to Remove from vault. Click this and Outlook will no longer have a stored copy of your password:

    Figure images/image2.png [Shows further details and the remove from vault link]

2. Updating Outlook when your password has changed

When Outlook connects to the server the saved credentials will no longer work. This is flagged in your computer’s notification area:

Figure images/image3.jpeg [computer’s notification area with Outlook message]

3. Changing Outlook to store your password

If you do not have a saved password and you now would like Outlook to store it for you, there is an option for this on the [Send/Receive] tab:

Figure images/image4.png [Outlook interface, send / receive menu options]