You may have recently been sent an email urging you to change the password for your Oxford single sign on account. If you have already done this, please read no further. If however, you:

  • are confused as to how to make this change or
  • are seeing a pop-up window in Outlook asking you to change your password

please read on.

University policy regarding the Oxford single sign on account is that the password must be changed at least once per year.

You can change your password with immediate effect by visiting: WebAuth. When choosing your new password, please remember to check that it meets the password selection rules displayed there.

You can also visit WebAuth to reset an EXPIRED password, if you still know it.

If you have FORGOTTEN your existing password, please see: What do to about a forgotten or expired Oxford username or password

Outlook change password prompt

Outlook users: If you are encountering a pop-up window similar to the graphic below, asking you to 'Change Password', please ignore this prompt.

Outlook password change box
Outlook incorrect credentials message

Do not enter your passwords here: rather, follow the instructions above and change your Oxford single sign-on account password.

More information

For more information on why it is important to regularly change your password, please see: Password Security and, specifically, why a period of 1 year has been chosen, see About Password Expiry.