3. Resource booking using Outlook 2010 client

After logging into Nexus with Outlook 2010, click on the [New Items] tab and select [Meeting] from the drop down menu.

You will now see the [Untitled – Meeting] screen.

Select the users that you want to invite to the meeting in To field. Add subject and click on Rooms button. A new screen will open showing all the available rooms. Select the room you want to book from the list and click OK

The name of the room will appear in the [To] field of your meeting request email as an attendee. It will also appear in the [Location] box too.

When you select the [Scheduling Assistant] tab, you will be able to see the availability of the attendees including the room. Adjust your meeting day/time as required

Once you have selected a suitable day and time, click on the Send button to invite attendees to the meeting.

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