5. Resource booking using OWA premium (IE browser)

Login to OWA and under the New tab select Meeting Request from the drop down list.

Menu showing meeting request option

The Meeting Request dialogue now opens.

Appointment screen

Add the names of people who are invited to the meeting to the Required box. Next click Resource button to open the Address Book. By default this will open the Global Address Book.

Address book screen

You need to change the view to that of Rooms by selecting [Rooms] from the drop down box.

Select rooms from dropdown box

Once the Rooms view is loaded, all rooms that are available to you to book are shown as a list.

Choose room from list

Select a room you wish to use from the list. This room's details are shown including its availability on the date chosen.

Room 5 selected

If you are happy with your selected room, click the Required button and then OK. You will return to your Meeting Request email. The name of the room will have been added to the Required field alongside any email addresses you have already added.

Appointment screen with room and people added

Select the Scheduling Assistant tab to check the availability of the attendees and the room.

Scheduling assistant screen

Finally, click the Send button to complete the process.

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