6. Resource Booking Using OWA Light

  1. Login to OWA Light and select [Calendar]. Click on New Meeting Request
    Shows new meeting request option in main toolbar
    Figure 8. Location of New Meeting Request option
  2. The meeting request window now opens
                       Request page
    Figure 9. Meeting Request page
  3. Click on Required to open the Address Book and add the people who are invited for the meeting. After adding the attendees click OK.
    Address book with a-z buttons and user search
    Figure 10. Address book
  4. Next click on Resources, this opens a new window. Select [All Rooms] from the second drop down menu.
    Dropdown menu showing All Rooms selected
    Figure 11. Dropdown menu showing All Rooms selected
  5. Select the room you want to book and click OK
    Select the room from a list of all available
    Figure 12. Select the room from the side list
  6. You will return to the Meeting Request Page with Required, Resources and Location fields populated. Next change the Date and Time of the meeting.
    Various dropdown boxes with dates and times
    Figure 13. Select date and time of meeting
  7. Select [Scheduling Assistant] to check the availability of the attendees and the room.
    Page with availability of your invitees - select as appropriate
    Figure 14. Scheduling assistant
  8. Finally, click Send button to complete the process.

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