2. Sharing Calendars

Using an Exchange account such as Nexus enables you to share your online calendar with colleagues within the University.

To share your calendar with a colleague, you will need to grant your colleague permission to view your calendar. Since you manage your tasks, or To Do items as they are known in iCal, alongside your calendar you can also grant permission to view your tasks at the same time.

The concept of sharing is different from delegation, which allows others to act on your behalf. However, within iCal the procedures for sharing and delegating are almost identical, and when you add a shared calendar to iCal it will be listed as a delegate. As a general rule of thumb we can think of shared calendars or tasks as being those that you can read but not write, whereas delegated calendars or tasks are those which you can write as well as read, ie you can add new calendars items or To Do items. In other words we can think of sharing as adding a delegate that only has read access.

So, to add permission for another user to view you calendar and/or tasks from the iCal menu click [File], then click [Preferences...], and then click the Accounts button on the Accounts window that appears. Finally select the Delegation button from within the accounts view.

Screen showing delegation configuration in iCal

Click the Edit button below at the bottom right hand corner of the window to start the process of adding a new delegate. This will bring up the Manage Account Access Window.

Screen showing Manage Account Access window as part of adding a delegate in

Click the + button in the bottom left hand corner of the window and a new entry will appear in the window and the cursor is placed within the "Name" field for you to start typing the name of the user you wish to add as a delegate. As you type text into the "Name" field a list of possible matches will appear and you can select the correct user from the list.

Screen showing Manage Account Access with list of possible matches in iCal

Once you have selected the correct user you will also need to select the permissions you wish to set using the drop down lists in the Calendars and Tasks fields. As we are only sharing in this example we will not be adding a delegate with full read and write access, we only want to allow our colleague to view our calendar and tasks. So, we have set Read Only permissions on both calendar and tasks.

Screen showing Manage Account Access with delegate permissions being set in

Once you have set the correct permissions click the Done button to complete the process of adding a delegate.

Screen showing Manage Account Access with delegate permissions finished in

This completes the addition of that delegate and you will be returned to the Accounts window. Your colleague will now be able to view your calendar and tasks from their Nexus account.

Private calendar events: Some clients do not fully support private items and your private items may be revealed to those you share your calendar with. Please see the "How private are my private calendar entries?" entry in the Nexus FAQ for more details.

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