4. Unconfirmed issues and breaking news

These are issues that have come in mailboxes that have already been migrated. The information here is in order to alert people to possible issues that have not yet been researched or confirmed by the Nexus Team, or of issues that appear to be very rare and difficult to reproduce.

4.1. General issues

Out of office/vacation/OOF is switched off or reports an error
This problem would appear to be rare, but we have had one instance of the end date of an Out of Office (OOF) message being corrupted, possibly due to the migration. The fix has been simply to switch OOF off (i.e. into the state where the person is 'at work') and then re-set it with an appropriate end date.

4.2. Apple Mac related issues

N.B. The Apple Mac clients have proved to be the most troublesome to early adopters!
(This does not include iOS, iPad, iPhone, iPod etc, which have tended to work fine). If your mailbox is about to be upgraded, or you are about to make some changes to the server connection settings as outlined at Important changes for Apple Mail users, you are strongly encouraged to avoid potential problems by disconnecting your computer from the network. Make the changes, or wait for your upgrade to happen (and make any connection changes that you know are necessary), restart the software and re-connect to the network.
iCal gets confused when >1 Nexus mailboxes are displayed
This issue was discovered by early adopters. iCal on Snow Leopard has been observed to behave oddly, after the mailboxes have been upgraded, in that entries from one calendar are displayed as duplicates in another calendar. The solution is to ensure that all calendars have their server settings are updated before restarting the software. To pro-actively avoid this problem, If the problem has already occurred,
  • check all iCal server settings. Ensure they are correct and re-start the software (as outlined in the main instructions).
  • Refresh all calendars
Rogue entries such as "casxx.ac.oak.ox.ac.uk" appearing in server settings
This has been reported. It should not happen unless a new profile is created (something we have advised against in these pages). However, it would appear that this can happen for users of iCal or Address Book where Apple Mail is not fully configured. If this has happened to you, our advice is:
  • Ensure that your mailbox upgrade has taken place before making further changes
  • Disconnect your Mac from the network (including wireless network)
  • Follow the instructions at Important changes for Apple Mail users to update all three clients (Apple Mail, iCal and Address Book), regardless as to whether you use all three.
  • Restart the software
  • Re-connect to the network.

4.3. iOS, iPad, iPod, iPhone issues

iPod notes having problems synching
We have had reports of iPod 'notes', that used to synch successfully with the server via IMAP, remaining on the server but disappearing from the iPod. If this happens to you, we have not found a way of restoring the old notes to the iPod, but new notes created on the iPod may be synched. One report found that it was possible to use an email client (such as Outlook) to find the 'notes' and email them somewhere, but not to get them synching again without creating them anew on the iPod.

4.4. UNIX and Linux-related issues

Inability to use Chrome, or other browsers, with Linux to give the full OWA experience (simply defaults to OWA-Light)
This is as expected. See the list of supported browsers on the What differences should I expect with Exchange 2010? page. Microsoft's recommended browser for Linux is Firefox.

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