The Oxford Nexus system (email, calendar, address book) can be accessed from any computer with an Internet connection, using Outlook Web Access (OWA).

Full OWA, Oxford branded interface
Figure 1. Oxford branded interface for the OWA 'Full' version

There are two versions of Outlook Web App: the 'Full' version, and the 'Light' version. Which one you see depends on what browser you use to access Nexus.

The difference between the versions has been significantly reduced since Nexus was first introduced. You can use either version to access your email, addressbook/contacts and calendar. You can also share your calendar and view calendars shared with you. The Full version offers some additional features, such as sharing of other items than calendars and a somewhat different way of displaying shared calendars.

To access the Full version of OWA, you must use a recent browser such as Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 4+, Safari 5 and Chrome. Other browsers (e.g. Opera) can only access to the Light version. OUCS cannot alter this discrepancy between browsers.

All users who wish to access their Nexus account via the web are recommended to read the Getting Started With Outlook Web App document. This will give you a introduction to how the system works. A more complete overview of the system is also available below.

General Information

OWA 2010 guide

Information for OWA Light users

OWA 2007 Information for Microsoft Internet Explorer users

  • This is the old documentation for the 2007 version of OWA. Only consult this documentation if you have Not been upgraded yet: OWA 2007 Full Documentation for Internet Explorer users only.