Please note: This document is still under development and is therefore subject to change.

This guide assumes that you already know the basics of using Outlook Web App (OWA, Full version), such as reading, replying to, deleting email, and composing new messages. If you need help with any of these tasks then please refer to the Introduction to OWA.

In order to make the best use of your University email, you will need to know how to attach files to messages, manage your Inbox, use the address book, set up mail forwarding, and more. Please browse the sections below for more information.

Some people prefer to see a simpler interface. It is possible to switch to the more basic OWA-Light. Please see OWA (Light) guide for further details (note that this document requires some updating for Exchange 2010.)

In the following instructions, the direction to "right-click" is interchangeable with Ctrl-click on an Apple Mac computer.

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