16. Automatic Replies (Out of Office)

You can use OWA to set up the Outlook Automatic Replies, which replies to your emails with a pre-written message of your choice. All the messages you receive while the Automatic Reply is active are received and stored in your Inbox as normal and can be read, replied to, saved and so on at any time, including while the Out of Office facility is active. The system replies only once to each person who sends you a message, however many times they subsequently email you. This count is reset each time you switch off the Automatic Reply system.

Setting out of office message screen
Figure 37. Automatic Replies (Out of office)

To enable Automatic Replies, click [Options] and then select [Set Automatic Replies…] Choose Send automatic replies, and, if desired, choose the start and finish date for when you want the service to be active. If you leave this blank, Automatic Replies will start working immediately and will remain active until you switch it off.

You can set up two separate auto-responses, one for people who email you from within the University, and the other for senders who are outside the University system. In each case, type in your message, and if you wish, format the text using the buttons above the box. When you are happy with your messages, click on Save.

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