11. Message Options

When sending a message, there are several options available in addition to specifying the recipient in the standard To: field, which can be accessed by clicking the Options... button at the top of the screen.

message options menu on write email screen
Figure 28. Message Options menu item

This opens a pop-up screen:

Message options screen, tracking, message options etc.
Figure 29. Message Options screen

The following options are available:

Set how urgent the message is - most email programs will display an icon for priority. The default importance is Normal, you can also choose High or Low.
You can specify whether the message is personal, private, or confidential here. This is not commonly used.
Show Bcc
Enables the Blind Carbon Copy field, allowing you to send a hidden copy of your message to one or more people. Other recipients do not see Bcc recipients.
Show From
By default this is ticked to show what account the message came from.
Request a delivery receipt for this message
When this option is selected, you will receive a message to let you know when the message has been delivered to the recipient's mailbox. It does not imply that they have read the message or are aware of its presence.
Request a read receipt for this message
Selecting this specifies that you want to recieve notification when the recipient reads the message. The recipient can choose whether or not to comply with this request. Some email clients never send read receipts.

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