19. Accessing other accounts

There are two different ways to access other accounts on the serivce depending on how much access you require.

19.1. Adding another Users Inbox to your own screen

If you have delegated rights over another users Inbox, then you can add this to your normal view without having to open another window by doing the following:

Right-click on your name and select Open other Users Inbox - This is your name as it appears on the lefthand side of the OWA interface, not the name as it appears in the top righthand side of the interface.

Open other users inbox
Figure 62. Open other users inbox

Type in the name of the person's inbox or their username and select it from the list

Selecting username
Figure 63. Selecting username

The Inbox will appear at the bottom of the Window.

Showing the inbox as listed at the bottom of the left pane
Figure 64. Showing the inbox as listed at the bottom of the left pane

19.2. Switching to another account

Click on your full name in the top right hand corner of the window.

Showing the full name menu
Figure 65. Showing your full name menu

Select the name of the account that you wish to have access to

Seelcting the account
Figure 66. Selecting the account

The account will be fully switched over to the other one that you have access over

Account has switched over
Figure 67. Account has switched over

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