3. Restoring deleted items

When you delete an item (whether it is an email message, a folder, a contact, a calendar item etc.), it is moved into your Deleted Items folder. If you want to recover an item which is still in your Deleted Items folder, you can simply drag and drop it to another folder, or right-click and choose [Move to folder] as described in Move or Copy items to a New or Existing Folder.

Deleted items should stay in the Deleted Items folder for 90 days from the date of deletion, before being automatically removed.

Be aware, some email software automatically empties your Deleted Items folder when you close them or log out. Check the settings for your client if you are unsure.

If the 90 day period has expired, or if you (or your email client) already deleted the item from your Deleted Items folder, it is still possible to recover the item for a further 7 days. To do this right-click Deleted Items and choose [Recover Deleted Items].

Recover deleted items menu option
Figure 10. Recover Deleted Items

Select the item(s) you want to recover, and click the icon of a folder with curved arrow to restore the item.

Select Deleted item from list
Figure 11. Select Deleted item

You will now be presented with a Recover to Folder dialog similar to that described above in Managing Folders.

dialog showing folders to recover your item to and button to create new
Figure 12. Recover to Folder

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