6. Sorting messages

By default, messages in your Inbox, and in other folders, are arranged by date, with the newest message at the top. OWA provides many other ways to arrange messages, which can help you to find a particular message or group of messages when you want to. To change the arrangement of messages, use the options that you can see under the search box [Arrange by Date] and [Newest on top].

Arrange message menu options
Figure 15. Arrange messages options

To re-sort messages, click on the label [Arrange by:] at the top of the message list. You can then select a sort option from the list below:

Sort messages by the date (and time) when they were received
Sort messages alphabetically by sender
Sort messages alphabetically by recipient - most useful for sorting your Sent Items
Sort messages by their size including any attachments
Sort messages alphabetically by subject line. (Where the subject line begins with "Re:" or "Fwd:" this is ignored for sorting.)
Sort messages into types - separates non-email items such as meeting requests
Sorts messages depending on whether they have an attachment
Sorts messages by importance - low, normal and high. The importance is set by the sender.
Flag Due Date
Sorts messages according to the "Due date" assigned to them
Flag Start Date
Sorts messages according to the "Start date" assigned to them
Group messages by thread - messages and replies appear together. Conversation mode has to be selected by Ticking the box.

Each of these sorting options has a default order, such as A on top, newest on top, or largest on top.

Option to reverse order of emails
Figure 16. Reverse the order of your messages

The sort order is shown next to the name of the sorting scheme, and you can reverse the order by clicking on the label.

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