18. Sharing calendars

18.1. Add a calendar

Outlook Web Access also allows you to share calendars with others and open calendars from others. To see a shared calendar, select the option [Add Calendar…] From the Share dropdown menu.

Share menu: Add, share and change permissions
Figure 57. Open a Shared Calendar option in Calendar view

In the small window that pops up, type in the username or real name of the person whose calendar you want to view, and click Open. You may have to select the right person from a list that pops up.

Adding a persons calendar
Figure 58. Add a Calendar – from your organisation

Assuming you have the necessary rights for viewing the calendar, you can now see the shared calendar next to your own in the Calendar View. You can hide/ unhide calendars by ticking/ unticking them in [My Calendars].

18.2. Share your calendar

To share your own calendar, use the [Share this Calendar…] option listed from the [Share] dropdown menu. If you wish to share a non-primary calandar, right click on the Calendar and select Share this Calendar.

Share your calendar screen
Figure 59. Share your Calendar

18.3. Calendar permissions

To edit calendar sharing, use the [Change Sharing Permissions…] option listed from the [Share] dropdown menu.

You will be presented with a list of people that you share your calendar with.

Setting permissions for your calendar viewers
Figure 60. Calendar Permissions

To edit the permissions granted to each person, highlight their name and click Edit. This presents you with three levels of permission.

Edit calendar permissions
Figure 61. Edit calendar permissions

Private calendar events: Some clients do not fully support private items and your private items may be revealed to those you share your calendar with. Please see the "How private are my private calendar entries?" entry in the Nexus FAQ for more details.

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