3. Operations on Multiple Messages

It is common to want to do operations on more than one message at once. For example, to delete your first three messages, or to copy all messages with the word "orchestra" in the subject to a specific folder.

3.1. Selecting multiple messages by clicking

You can select multiple messages by holding down the <Ctrl> (Control) key on your keyboard while you click on each one. If all the messages are adjacent to each other, you can click on the first one, hold down the <Shift> key, and then click on the last one to select the messages and everything in between them. You can re-sort the messages to make this easier (e.g. sort by sender, or by subject). See Sorting Messages for more details.

3.2. Selecting Multiple Messages by Searching

You can use simple or advanced Searching to identify groups of messages with some shared characteristic, such as having the word "orchestra" in the subject. You can then select some or all of the results by clicking on them as described above.

Once you have selected a group of messages, you can delete, move, or copy them in the same way as for a single message.

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