2. Restoring deleted items

When you delete an item (whether it is an email message, a folder, a contact, a calendar item etc.), it will be moved into your Deleted Items folder. It will stay in that folder for 90 days from the date of deletion, before being automatically removed from the system. Beware, some email clients will automatically empty your Deleted Items folder when you log off! Check the settings for your client if you are not sure.

If you want to recover an item which is still in your Deleted Items folder, you can simply drag and drop it to another folder, or right-click and choose Move to folder as described above in 1. Managing Folders.

If the 90 days has expired, or if you (or your email client) already deleted the item from your Deleted Items folder, it is still possible to recover the item for a further 7 days, using OWA (Full version only). Click Options at the top-right of your screen, and then choose Deleted Items.

A list of recently deleted items which can be recovered
Figure 11. Recover Deleted Items

Select the item(s) you want to recover, and click the link Recover to Deleted Items folder. You can then move items from the Deleted Items folder to any other folder of your choice.

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