19. Tasks

You can use Outlook Web Access to keep a list of outstanding and completed tasks, with deadlines and reminders of your choice. To go to the Tasks view, click on Tasks in the Navigation Pane.

The OWA tasks view with options in the left-hand pane, a list of tasks in the
            main screen, and details of the selected task in the preview pane
Figure 60. Tasks view

You will see a list of tasks, with completed tasks crossed out, and overdue tasks highlighted in red text. You can choose between viewing only tasks, or viewing both tasks and flagged items (see 5. Setting Flags and Categories), using the options on the left. Click on the name of a task or flagged item to see more details in the Preview Pane, or double-click to open. Tick the checkbox next to a task to mark it as complete.

You can use the options in the Navigation Pane to filter your list of tasks in several ways:
Show all complete and incomplete tasks
Show all tasks which have not been marked as complete
Show only tasks which are not complete, and for which the deadline has passed
Show only tasks which have been completed
You can re-order and search your list of tasks in the same way as for email folders.

To add a new task, click New.

Task screen where you can set all the options and properties for the task
            including due date and reminder
Figure 61. Create a task

Enter the required details, in particular the due date, and the reminder date (if desired), and click Save and Close to create the task. When the reminder date is reached (if set), a popup screen will appear to remind you about the task.

If you want to organise your tasks further, you can add extra folders by clicking Create New Folder in the Navigation Pane. Drag and drop tasks to move them between folders.

Like Contacts lists and Calendars, Task lists can be shared on Nexus. To view someone else's tasks, once they have given you permission, you will need to manually enter the following address (URL) into Internet Explorer: https://nexus.ox.ac.uk/owa/firstname.surname@dept.ox.ac.uk/?cmd=contents&module=tasks, replacing firstname.surname@dept.ox.ac.uk with the university email address of the person who has shared their tasks with you.

To share your own task list with other Nexus users of your choice, you will need to log in using Outlook or Entourage.

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