8. Filtering Emails

The University email servers will automatically intercept some junk mail (commonly called spam) before it reaches you, in particular, emails containing malware (programs or documents which are damaging, intrusive or annoying to the recipient). You can read more about how it works at http://www.oucs.ox.ac.uk/email/junkmail/.

In addition to this University-wide protection, you can choose whether to apply further filters to your email.

OWA Junk Email options screen. Here you can activate or deactivate junk mail
            filtering, and specify particular addresses which should always or never be
Figure 18. Junk Email filtering options

In OWA, click Options (top right of the screen) and then choose Junk E-Mail to open the Filtering options screen (Figure 18, Junk Email filtering options).

As well as switching filtering on or off, this screen allows you to access more advanced features:

Safe Senders List
Specify the addresses of any senders whose messages should not be considered spam (sometimes known as whitelist).
Also trust e-mail from my Contacts
Select this option to include address in your personal Contacts list as safe senders
Blocked Senders List
Specify the addresses of any senders whose messages should always be considered spam (sometimes known as blacklist).
Safe Recipients List
Specify any To: addresses for which you want to disable filtering, for example, if you are forwarding mail from another server which is already spam-filtered, or if you never want to delete messages sent to you via a particular mailing list.
Treat all e-mail as junk unless...
This specifies that all messages should be filtered to your Junk mail folder, unless they come from someone in your Safe Senders List, are sent to someone in your Safe Recipients lists, or come from senders within the University.

Remember to click Save at the top of the screen to confirm your choices.

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