1. Folders

1.2. Managing Folders

You can create new folders as sub-folders of your inbox, or at the same level as your inbox. Folders may contain messages and/or other folders.

The Manage Folders screen allows you to create, rename, move, and delete
Figure 4. Manage Folders screen

You can structure your mail however is most convenient for you, with folders within folders to any depth you like. To manage your folders, click on the link Manage Folders... in the Navigation Pane at the left side of the screen. This opens the Manage Folders screen (see Figure 4, Manage Folders screen).

Enter a meaningful name for your folder and click "Create"
Figure 5. Create a new folder

To create a new folder, select name of the folder which you want to be the parent folder, in the Create folder in: box. To create a top-level folder, choose your own name as the parent folder. Then type the name of the new folder into the resulting box, e.g. Big Project (see Figure 5, Create a new folder) and click Create.

To rename a folder, select the folder in the Current name: box, type in the new name in the box below, and click Rename. Built-in folders, such as Inbox, Drafts, or Deleted Items, cannot be renamed.

To move a folder, select the folder in the Folder to move: box, then choose a new parent folder for it, and click Move. The folder and all its contents (including any sub-folders) will be moved to the new location. Built-in folders cannot be moved.

To delete a folder, select the folder in the Folder name: box, and click Delete. This will move the folder, along with all messages and sub-folders contained within it, to your Deleted Items folder. Built-in folders cannot be deleted.

1.3. Move Messages Between folders

By default, mail messages sent to you are placed in the Inbox, and messages that you send are placed in the Sent Items folder. However, you can move a message to any folder you want.

To move a message to a different folder, click "Move" from the options above
              the message display
Figure 6. Move a message

To move a message, open the message by clicking on it in your list of messages, and choose Move from the toolbar at the top of the message (see Figure 6, Move a message).

Select the folder you want for the message and click "Move"
Figure 7. Move to Folder screen

You can now select one of your recently-used folders by clicking the radio button next to its name, or choose any folder from the list. Once you have chosen your destination folder, click Move to move the message.

Select all the required messages and then click "Move"
Figure 8. Move multiple messages

You can move a number of messages at once, from your message list. Click in the checkbox next to each one so that a green tick appears, or select all by clicking in the checkbox at the top of the list (see Figure 8, Move multiple messages). Then click Move in the toolbar at the top of the list and follow the procedure above.

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