6. Signatures

Many people like to have a standard closing phrase, or details of their job title, address, contact details, and so on in their messages. A signature allows you to do this without having to type the information in each time.

Enter your signature and specify whether OWA should apply it automatically to all
            new messages
Figure 16. Create/Modify Signature

To set up an automatic signature in OWA choose Options (at the top right of the screen) and then click Messaging (in the Navigation pane on the left-hand side). You will see a screen which looks like Figure 16, Create/Modify Signature, where you can enter your signature and choose whether OWA should apply it by default to all new messages.

If you choose Automatically include my signature on outgoing messages, every time you compose a new message you will see your signature text at the bottom (you can then change or delete it for that message). If the signature is not automatically added, you cannot use it in OWA Light, as there is no option to add the signature when writing a message. However, your signature created in OWA Light will also appear in OWA Full and in Outlook, where you can add it at the time of writing the message.

Once you are happy with your signature, click Save at the top of the screen to confirm your changes.

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