3. Sorting messages

By default, messages in your inbox, and in other folders, are sorted by date, with the newest message at the top. OWA provides several other ways to sort messages, which can help you to find a particular message or group of messages when you want to.

You can sort messages by any of the column headings in your inbox, simply by clicking the column label:

Sort messages by importance - low, normal and high. The importance is set by the sender.
Sort messages into types - separates non-email items such as meeting requests
Sort messages depending on whether they have an attachment
Sort messages alphabetically by sender
Sort messages alphabetically by subject line. Where the subject line begins with "Re:" or "Fwd:", this is ignored for sorting
Sort messages by the date (and time) when they were received
Sort messages by their size including any attachments

Each of these sorting options has a default order, such as A on top, newest on top, or largest on top. You can reverse the order by clicking on the column heading again.

Shows messages sorted by subject
Figure 9. Sorting messages

You can see which column your messages are sorted on, by looking for a small arrow next to the column heading. For example, in Figure 9, Sorting messages, messages are sorted by subject.

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