1. Introduction

Novell offer products related to networked systems. Their main product in use within the University is the NetWare network operating system, which provides the eDirectory directory services product for user and computer management, authentication and authorisation, together with networked file store, printing and many other functions. Novell now offers the Open Enterprise Server (OES) product which is available on both the original NetWare platform, and also on SuSE Linux Enterprise Server. The company is in the process of developing many of their portfolio of products to run on the OES/SLES platform as well as the OES/NetWare platform.

In addition to their networked operating systems and eDirectory directory services, Novell offer a large portfolio of products, which include the following.
  • GroupWise (Groupware including eMail, calandaring, document management)
  • Identity Manager (Identity Management)
  • Zenworks (Management of desktops and servers, including Inventory, user and computer policies, software deployment, asset management, patch management)
  • SuSE Linux Desktop and Enterprise Server
  • Novell Linux Desktop
Oxford University has site licences for a number of these products, including the following
  • Server operating systems (Netware, OES v1 and v2, SuSE Linux Enterprise Server v9 and v10) and including eDirectory
  • Zenworks Configuration Manager (previously Zenworks for Desktops)
  • GroupWise
  • Identity Manager (parts of product)

In addition, the University has a site licence for File System Factory from Condrey Consulting. This is a policy-driven file system management package to help automate the management of users' file store, including access rights, quotas etc. This product can manage Netware, Linux and Microsoft Windows fiesystems, and will run against both eDirectory and Active Directory

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