2. SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 9

Under the Oxford University NetWare operating systems site licence, University systems are entitled to updates to SuSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) without Open Enterprise Server (OES) installed.

Updates to SLES 9 without OES are managed via YaST Online Updates (YOU) rather than via Red Carpet. Originally for SLES 9 the process of allowing people to access these updates direct from Novell was problematic. As a result OUCS set up a local YOU server. This is run on a best effort basis, and can be accessed once you have obtained a code as per instructions for Open Enterprise Server Please email url="mailto:novell-support@oucs.ox.ac.uk">novell-support@oucs.ox.ac.uk with a subject line of SLES Updates if you are considering running SLES in your environment.

2.1. Upgrading from SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 9

It is possible to do an in place upgrade from SLES 9 to SLES 10. Please be aware that whilst this is a possible and supported route, the decision do so is entirely personal. One consequence of performing an in place upgrade is that the former Red Carpet patches and catalogues continue to exist with /var/cache/rcd. To save space the Cache either prior or subsequent to upgrade can be deleted. Though this is not required; SLES 10 only uses ZLM for updates.

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