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Case Study: Enhancing web services at the Museum of the History of Science

The web server for Museum of the History of Science was running on old hardware that was past end of life and the Museum wanted to avoid spending on new hardware. A physical to virtual server conversion was performed on the old server. This then immediately ran on the NSMS blade system. This work took 3 hours.

The Museum then decided that, for a new website project, they needed to upgrade from PHP4.2 to PHP5.2, a big change that was likely to break many of their existing websites. So the new virtualised Web Server was cloned to a second VM and the clone was used to test the PHP upgrade. All the while, the live server was up and running while NSMS worked out and resolved the problems caused by the PHP upgrade. Once this was done, PHP was upgraded on the live server without a hitch or any downtime, following the steps developed on the clone. This work took 2:30 hours.

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