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Case Study: Building An Enterprise Infrastructure Without An Enterprise Budget

When the Oxford University Language Centre had to renew their IT infrastructure, they harnessed the power of virtualisation to provide a robust, scalable, and cost-effective IT infrastructure that punches far above the economic weight of the department. Through this technology, they have been able to implement unprecedented flexibility, reliability and responsiveness in their IT resources. It has also allowed them to introduce other services that would not otherwise have been affordable.

The details of this project are described in a paper Building An Enterprise Infrastructure Without An Enterprise Budget - A Case Study On Virtualisation written by Mike Sloane, the IT support officer for the Language Centre. It introduces virtualisation, available products, the possible approaches, and describes how they exploited the capabilities of virtualisation to build an infrastructure that is more capable than would have been possible by traditional methods. The benefits experienced are so extensive that they are now planning to implement a Virtual Desktop solution based around VMware ACE for their teaching needs.

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