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We hope that this information will be of use to both existing and potential customers of NSMS.

Billing, finance and other administrative issues

All correspondence with NSMS is routed through our Request Tracker (RT) system. The RT ticket number that you receive should be retained and quoted on all further correspondence.

As soon as a client agrees a contract with NSMS, they should complete a Customer Registration Form (CRF). To complete the CRF each client will need to provide full contract contacts and financial details that must be authorised by their departmental administrator, or departmental authorising body. Until we have the completed CRF we cannot start the service.

All billings related to client contracts under the Oracle Financials system are carried out by means of journal transfer. This process, which is approved by the University's Finance Division, has been in operation for the last three years.

At present, some of our services, eg Web hosting, are billed on an annual basis whilst some services, eg our hourly charged support and consultancy, are billed on a monthly basis. Regardless of the billing period, all the billing contacts specified on a contract will be notified 10 working days before any journal transfer takes place. The notification will include the details of the charge, the date and charging string code. Any changes or queries that relate to billing should be notified to us within 10 working days of receipt of this notification.

Termination and alteration to contracts

Any changes to or termination of a contract must be notified one month in advance. Please make sure that any requests for start, change or termination to a contract have gone through our Request Tracker system and that you have the corresponding RT ticket number in hand.

How to contact us

We welcome general enquiries in various ways:

If circumstances are such that the above options are unavailable then NSMS can be contacted via the OUCS Help Centre on 01865 283102.

How to report an incident or request help

If you are an existing customer of NSMS and you need to report an incident or request help then the best way to contact us is to e-mail nsms@oucs.ox.ac.uk. This route ensures that your message will be instantly routed into our Request Tracker system and will be picked up and allocated to the most appropriate part of the team to ensure that your request is dealt with quickly and efficiently.