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Security Auditing

Understanding the exact nature of the security of your servers and their network environments can be a long and involved process. This can be even more complicated when your IT infrastructure has evolved over many years.

The NSMS team offers an audit service for individual hosts, which provides a report listing potential vulnerabilities and areas of concern. While these audits are usually carried out on file servers (Windows, MacOS, and Linux are covered), they could also be applied to workstations, firewalls, or any networked device of your choice.

A typical subset of issues considered in an audit would include password security, server accessibility and visibility, file and directory permissions, and the security of services running on the server. However the checks will be tailored to the host being audited.

The final results will be presented in a report, which will help you to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your network and will contain a prioritised list of recommendations for issues requiring attention. Further action to implement these recommendations can also be carried out by the NSMS team.