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Full Economic Costs

NSMS can assist you in meeting FEC requirements by providing IT services for a discrete hourly, weekly, monthly or annual fee. NSMS can simplify the process of evaluating several important TRAC (Transparent Approach to Costing), activities, particularly:

  • Pricing goods and services
  • Providing efficiency gains and cost savings
  • Preparing and monitoring budgets
  • Assessing value for money
  • Benchmarking against other institutions and external providers
  • Improving business processes

Using NSMS enables you to keep a tight, auditable record of your project's Directly Incurred Costs.

Features of the Service

All of our currently available services are listed on our Web pages. However, if you have an IT based requirement for your project that isn't listed please contact us, nsms@oucs.ox.ac.uk, as one of our traditional strengths has been the willingness to diversify and take on new services and technologies.

To give just one example of how NSMS could help your research project. Our recent implementation of services based on VMWare vSphere running on a Blade system enables us to set up Linux or Windows servers in minutes, ready for configuring to meet your project's precise requirements. Using this service also has the additional benefit of saving on your project's capital costs.

Other areas in which NSMS can both save on your costs and enable you to quantify them accurately include:

  • Standard Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X file server administration
  • Management of very large datasets
  • Web hosting
  • Windows and Macintosh workstation management
  • Data security
  • Project group calendaring
  • IT consultancy e.g. project hardware and software recommendations and systems design