Part-time staff are occasionally required to cover various duties at the Computing Services on weekdays from 16:30 - 20:45. These positions are open to all members of Oxford University.

You will be responsible to the Evening Supervisor for the following duties:
  • Performing routine Computer Operating. This includes monitoring all computer room equipment and associated systems according to documented procedures - reporting any faults or suspected problems and keeping relevant written logs up to date - running regular backups and archives - operating specialist graphics peripherals including an imagesetter and colour printers.
  • You will at all times be expected to ensure that all safety procedures are followed and, in the absence of the evening supervisor, may be expected to take responsibility for these and associated security matters.
  • Providing, where possible, first-line advice to users. Giving assistance to users of PC, Mac & UNIX systems in the Help Centre and having knowledge of commonly-used MAC and PC applications. Specific topics include logging into various networks, using file transfer protocols and information systems such as WWW and email, using and printing from various graphics and DTP applications.

For these vacancies you will preferably be educated to post-graduate degree level, already have some experience of using the Computing Services, be expected to converse clearly, have good inter-personal skills, and have a pleasant manner. Following your informal interview, you will be placed upon a reserve list of staff who may be called upon to work at short notice if an individual on the permanent list is unable to work. You will eventually move onto the regular list as individuals leave. Please note that you should be available for a period of at least 18 months from the start of your employment here.

You will initially be paid at the rate of £10.06 per hour. When you have completed a total of 60 hours work during the evening, and OUCS is satisfied with your performance, your hourly rate will rise to £11.66 per hour. Both these rates are augmented by an additional 17.1% in lieu of holiday entitlements as stipulated in the Working Time Regulations 1998.. During the probationary period, both parties will be subject to one weeks' notice of termination, after which it will increase to two weeks' notice.

A short coffee break may be taken during your shift. There is no meal break.

In the first instance, please contact Annie Martin (ext. 73271).