5. Specialised Features

5.1. Generated Divisions

Most modern document production systems have the ability to automatically generate whole sections such as a table of contents or an index. The TEI OUCS scheme provides an element to mark the location at which such a generated section should be placed.
indicates the location at which a textual division generated automatically by a text-processing application is to appear. Attributes include:
specifies what type of generated text division (e.g. index, table of contents, etc.) is to appear. Sample values include: index (an index is to be generated and inserted at this point), toc (a table of contents), figlist (a list of figures) and tablist (a list of tables).
The <divGen> element can be placed anywhere that a division element would be legal, as in the following example:
<front>  <titlePage> ... </titlePage>  <divGen type="toc"/>  <div type="Preface">   <head>Preface</head> ... </div> </front> <body> ... </body> <back>  <div>   <head>Appendix</head> ... </div>  <divGen type="indexn="Index"/> </back>

When an index or table of contents is to be encoded (rather than one being generated) for some reason, the <list> element discussed in section 4.6. Lists should be used.

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