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OUCS table-free compatibility chart


1. Compatibility chart for the new OUCS Home Page table-free style page.

The chart lists the web browsers that have been tested with our new table-free page style and under what operating system. As with all CSS styled pages rendering of the page can vary according to how closely the vendor has implemented CSS standards. Some variation is expected Where this is considered a minor problem, it has been ignored. Where greater errors are noted which might affect users it has been denoted as 'errors'. Where the page is unusable it has been listed as 'No'. Such browsers will be referred to a different xsl stylesheet instead.

If you use a browser not listed below, please send us a screen grab along with browser and platform details. If you find that pages do not render properly in your browser, regardless of our chart designation, please send a screen grab and all browser/platform details to:

Browser Operating System Compatible Screen Shot Comments
Internet Explorer 6 Windows Yes IE 6 screen
Internet Explorer 5.5 Windows Yes IE 5.5 screen
Internet Explorer 5 Windows IE 5 screen
Internet Explorer 5 Mac No IE 5 Mac screen Lefthand column content is not lining up with the top. Missing drop downs too.
Internet Explorer 4 Windows No IE 4 screen drop down menu is set vertically instead of horizontally. Content is hidden but still takes up space.
Netscape 7.1 Windows Yes Netscape 7.1 screen
Netscape 7.0x Sun Yes Netscape 7.0x screen
Netscape 6.x Windows No Netscape 6.x screen Given the simplified stylesheet
Netscape 4.8 Windows No Netscape 4.8 screen Completely broken
Opera 7.2x Windows Yes Opera 7.2 screen
Opera 7.11 Windows Errors Opera 7.11 screen Light blue band initially positioned too low. Moving mouse ove the drop down menu brings the light blue band back into position.
Opera 6.x Windows Errors Opera 6.x screen Drop down menu doesnt work.
Opera 6.x Mac No Opera 6.x Mac screen Given a simplified stylesheet instead.
Opera 6.x Debian No Opera 6.x Debian screen Given a simplified stylesheet instead.
Mozilla 1.7 beta Debian Yes Mozilla 1.7 beta screen
Mozilla 1.7 Windows Yes Mozilla 1.7 Windows screen
Mozilla 1.6 Windows Yes Mozilla 1.6 screen
Mozilla 1.5 Windows Yes Mozilla 1.5 screen
Mozilla 1.5 Debian Yes Mozilla 1.5 Debian screen
Mozilla Firebird 0.7 Windows Yes Firebird screen
Mozilla Firefox 0.8 Debian GNU/Linux Yes Firefox Debian screen
Mozilla Firefox 0.8 Windows Yes Firefox windows screen
Mozilla Firefox 0.8 Mac Yes Firefox Mac screen
Safari Mac Yes Safari screen
Galeon 1.2.5 Red Hat 9 Errors Galeon Red Hat screen Minor problem with length of find text box.
Galeon 1.2.5 Debian GNU/Linux stable No Galeon screen Given simplified stylesheet
Dillo 0.8.0 Debian GNU/Linux stable No Dillo Screen Browser does not support CSS
Dillo 0.7.3 Debian GNU/Linux stable No Dillo Screen Browser does not support CSS
Lynx 2.8.4 Debian GNU/Linux stable No Lynx screen Browser does not support CSS
W3 Debian W3 screen Browser does not support CSS