3. Connecting to the main Subversion Repository

Before you can start working on your files you need to connect to the server and download the appropriate section of the OUCS web site.

3.1. Creating a Server Repository View

To connect your client to the main repository:

Open the Syncro SVN client

From the Repository window click on the barrel+ icon:
This will open the Add SVN Repository dialogue box:

You now need to add the URL to the preview web server. The address is: https://svn.oucs.ox.ac.uk/sites/www.oucs.ox.ac.uk/preview/

Click the OK button. A Certificate Information window will open showing you the server certificate shown below.

Click on the Accept this certificate permanently radio button to continue. Then click on OK. You will then be asked to authenticate yourself using your SVN account details. Once done you will see that the preview repository has been added to the Repository window of the client.

You can view the top level folders on the preview server by clicking on the + button next to the repository url. This will open up a tree view of the OUCS preview site on the server. It may take some time to do this.

3.2. Making a new working copy

You now need to download the section of the web site you want to work on i.e. make a working copy. If you already have a working copy of the web site you want to work on, go to 3.3. Adding your current working directory.

In order to download the contents of a directory go to the Repository window. Use the tree view to navigate to the top level section of the OUCS site that you want to download to your machine e.g. about or ltg etc. sections.

Right click on the directory name or press the icon of barrel with a green arrow on it:

Either way a new menu appears from which you choose the [Checkout] option.

Next the Checkout dialogue box appears which already contains the url of the chosen folder.

Now click on the Browse button and navigate to where you want to store the folder and files. We recommend that you have a folder named Repository and that you store all your web documents in the same file structure you see on the main server. So it would be best to create a skeleton structure starting from the top of the OUCS tree that leads down to the directory you want to check out.

Click the OK button to start downloading your chosen section. If you now open the Console window (if its not already open), you will see messages appearing there showing you that the client is working. When all of the files have been downloaded the Working Copy window of the client will show your new downloaded files. These can now be opened for editing.

3.3. Adding your current working directory

If you already have a working copy of part or all of the OUCS web site on your machine, you can make Syncro SVN client see and use this instead of starting a fresh download. To use a working copy of the preview web site:

  • In the Working Copy window find and click on the spanner icon. This opens the Working copies List dialogue.
  • Click the Add button to open the Add existing working copy dialogue box
  • Enter some text (that describes your working copy), e.g., ltg-preview, into the Name box
  • Click on the folders icon to browse to where your working copy is stored
  • Select your working copy and click on the Open button you will see the path and folder name added to the dialogue box
  • Click on OK and then click on OK again to complete the process

It may take some time for the Syncro client to update: it depends on how big your working copy is.

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