6. Using Syncro Client with OUCS maintained web sites

When using Syncro Client to manage web sites maintained by the OUCS Information Services Group, we recommend the following work practices:

  • Obtain a Subversion account from the OUCS sysdev team. If you are inside OUCS, you can setup your own account at: https://svn.oucs.ox.ac.uk/admin/useradmin/
  • Set up a folder called Repository to store your web documents in.
  • Create a preview folder inside your repository
  • Download the section of the OUCS web site you need to edit into the preview folder on your local machine
  • Make your changes to the preview files and upload them back to the main preview repository
  • View your changes on the preview web site using the following URL format: e.g. http://www.oucs.ox.ac.uk:81/ltg/
    Note when trying to view the preview web site outside of the OUCS network you need to use the secure server address https, and add :4443 to the end of the domain name. You will also need to sign in using your SSO account details. The URL in such cases would be: https://www.oucs.ox.ac.uk:4443/ltg/
  • If you are adding XML files, these are automatically scanned for validity. If there are any problems with the validation of your XML, you will receive an email informing you where the problem is likely to be.
  • When you are completely happy with your files, publish them to the live site.
  • Check the web site to see that your changes have taken affect.

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