7. Icons used by the Syncro SVN client

In the same way that TortoiseSVN used icons to indicate the state of your local files, Syncro SVN also uses its own icons. Unfortunately these are very small and only applied to your files when they are viewed using the client itself. Below is a listing of these icons and what they mean as supplied in the Syncro SVN Client help pages. The following information is taken from the Help section of the Syncro SVN Client.

resource added icon The resource marked with this symbol is not under version control. This is how new files are represented when they are created or copied from the file system. Unversioned resources can be filtered from the Working Copy view by setting ignore filters in the Preferences.
resource added icon This resource has been added to version control but has not been committed. This state is obtained after issuing an Add command on an unversioned resource.
Added with history
resource changed iconThis resource has been copied with history. This state is obtained by copying, moving or renaming a resource from the working copy.
resource changed iconThe resource has been locally modified since the last update. This is obtained after editing a file and making changes.
resource added icon This resource has been deleted from the working copy. This state appears after deleting, moving or renaming files with Subversion.
resource missing iconThis resource is in an inconsistent state. If it's missing, it means it has been deleted from the file system without Subversion's knowledge. If it's incomplete, a check out or update action has probably failed or has been interrupted before finishing. A directory in such a state must be restored with an update action before any other action can be performed.
resource conflicted iconThis resource has conflicting changes. A resource can be in this state after an update, if it was modified both locally and on the repository and the modifications were overlapping.
externals iconThis indicates a mapping of a local directory to the URL of a versioned resource. It is declared with a svn:externals property in the parent folder.
resource under version control iconA resource with no overlaid icon is an unmodified resource under version control.
ignored resource iconA resource with a grayed icon but no overlaid icon is an ignored resource. It is obtained with the action Add to svn:ignore.
switched iconThis indicates a resource that has been switched from the initial repository location to a new location within the same repository. The resource goes to this state as a result of the Switch action executed from the contextual menu of the Working Copy view.

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