1. Introduction

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This document looks at the steps involved in delivering a podcast. It also explains how to receive a podcast.

A podcast is a file that has been made available on the web which can automatically be downloaded to a software player, such as Apple's iTunes, and then perhaps moved to a portable device such as an MP3 player. You might use a podcast to record a talk, to record an interview with a visitor, to record supporting material for a lecture, ... .

A podcast is usually a multimedia file such as an MP3 audio file or a video file, although it can be a text document such as a PDF.

The term podcast was derived in 2004 from the words iPod and broadcast, but you do not have to have an iPod to listen/watch these files. Anyone with appropriate software on a computer will be able to listen/watch a podcast. And, if the file is an MP3 file, you could copy the file to an MP3 player.

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