4. Step 2: uploading your recording

You now have a recording stored in a file. This now needs to be uploaded to a web server. You have a number of choices depending on where you work.
  • If you have a web server in your department/college, you may already have space on this web server and know how to upload files to it. In order for people to be able to receive your podcast, it is important for this web server to be visible through the University's filewall. By this means you have published the recording on the web and it is available through some URL like http://dept.ox.ac.uk/first.mp3
  • You could upload your podcast to a public folder within a WebLearn site in which you have the 'maintain' role. If you do not have a suitable WebLearn site then ask your local WebLearn coordinator to create one for you; please see the list of coordinators.

    If you already have a suitable WebLearn site (in which you have the 'maintain' role), then log into WebLearn (http://weblearn.ox.ac.uk/) and create a public folder within the Resources tool in your site and upload your podcasts into it. (Details of how to create a public folder and upload files can be found in this step-by-step guide: https://weblearn.ox.ac.uk/access/content/group/info/step/resources11.pdf)

    It is important to make the folder public so that others may access it. The above guide also shows how to find the WebLearn URL of the uploaded item so that you can use it in OXITEMS.

  • Or you could store the file on the web server users.ox.ac.uk. There are details about this web server at /web/personalwebpages/personalguide.xml. In particular, there is a section about uploading a file to users.ox.ac.uk. By doing this you will have published the recording on the web and it will be available at a URL like http://users.ox.ac.uk/~abcd0123/example.mp3 (this URL will be used as an example throughout the rest of the document).

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