2. Academic Podcasting Examples from Oxford

2.1. Dr Stuart Lee - Podcasting English Lectures for revision and active engagment in a lecture

Dr Stuart Lee

Stuart talks about his experiences as an academic producing podcasts for his English lectures  

2.2. Dr Andreas Busch - Introduction to the Government and Politics of Germany

Dr Andreas Busch

Andreas is a former lecturer at Politics Department. He reported that enhanced podcasts helped his students to revise his lectures while maintaining a similar level of attendance.
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2.3. Dr Marianne Talbot - Philosophy for Beginners

Dr Marianne Talbot

Marianne Talbot is a lecturer in philosophy in the University of Oxford Department for Continuing Education. She has become an iTunes U sensation with her lecture podcasts. Her podcasts reached the global number one position in October 2009 with over 250,000 downloads across the world.
“It’s extraordinary. It’s difficult to wrap my mind around the fact that throughout the world 18,000 people are downloading my lecture every week.”
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2.4. Dr Simon Benjamin - Caging Schrödinger’s Cat

Dr Simon Benjamin

Simon's podcasts have been hugely popular. The podcasts have enhanced the learning experience of his students as well as sparking an interest in the field of Quantum Nanotechnology within the general public.
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2.5. Dr Emma Smith - Educational Podcasts: Enabling “anytime, anywhere” learning

Dr Emma Smith

Dr. Emma Smith began podcasting her lectures on Early English Literature in Michaelmas 2009 for two reasons: to enable her students’ flexible “anytime, anywhere” learning, and to maximise the outcome of the effort that went into designing and preparing her lecture series. Through this educational technology, Dr. Emma Smith has reached a diverse global audience on iTunes U, and developed new digital skills.
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2.6. Access the Oxford podcasts

You can access all Oxford podcasts at http://podcasts.ox.ac.uk/

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