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1. Printing Services

IT Services provide a range of printers offering a variety of qualities, output media, access methods and cost.

Services available are:

The service is based at 13 Banbury Road. See the IT Services Site for a map.

2. Academic poster and colour printing service

Oxford University IT Services offers a high-quality and competitively-priced colour printing service to Oxford University members and departments, who are producing academic related material associated to projects within Oxford University.

2.1. File Formats

We are currently able to print output generated by most of the popular word processing and graphics packages, including PowerPoint, InDesign, CorelDraw, Illustrator, PDF, PostScript (to final size), EPS, GIFs, JPGs, etc.

Please note that we cannot print to the large format printer directly from a Mac. Should you wish to have any A2/A1/A0 posters printed from Mac applications, please provide a pdf file to size and with all necessary fonts embedded in the file.

2.2. Paper Size

Posters (A2, A1 & A0) will be printed on the Epson Pro 9900 colour inkjet printer. If you are incorporating unusual text fonts in your files, we suggest that you use PostScript with the relevant font metrics embedded to ensure consistency. Please contact the Operations staff for further details and an estimate of charges.

The following table gives dimensions of the standard paper sizes. The image area should not exceed these limits to make optimum use of the media.

Table 1.
Size Millimetres Inches
A0 841 x 1189 33 1/8" x 46 3/4"
A1 594 x 841 23 3/8" x 33 1/8"
A2 420 x 594 16 1/2" x 23 3/8"

A4 & A3 files will be printed on the colour PostScript printer at 1200 dpi. The available plotting area is slightly smaller in each case, and you are advised to allow for a 5-mm margin which may be clipped if your page layout goes right to the edge.

2.3. Opening hours

Printing jobs can be submitted and collected in person between 9.00 - 12.00 and 14.00 - 20.00hrs Monday to Friday excluding Bank Holidays.

2.4. Submitting Printing Jobs

Your files should be presented in person to the Data Centre Operations desk. You will be asked to complete a form giving your contact details, file information and output media requirements. The choices are MATT or SATIN on the large format printer. There is no choice of media for A4/A3 sizes. Files can be provided on USB stick, CD-ROM. Please note that Data Centre Operations are only able to accept jobs for printing if payment has been made beforehand; via the IT Services Online Shop (see charging and cost section).

Turnaround for the Colour Printing service is generally within 24 hours.

Please allow plenty of time to meet your deadline. The service can be in high demand at peak periods and we may be unable to guarantee a 24 hour turnaround.

Please note we do not provide a same day service.

2.5. Charging and Costs

Data Centre Operations are only able to accept jobs for printing if payment has been made beforehand.

2.5.1. Methods of payment:

VAT is charged on all non-Departmental orders however orders paid by Departmental Orders are VAT exempt.

All colour printing is charged and must be paid for in advance at the IT Services Online Shop. The order number obtained from the online shop when purchasing should be presented to the operations staff when you submit your file.
Departmental Purchase Order:
ONLY Departmental Purchase Orders that have been raised via the IT Services Online Shop will be accepted.

Contact your finance department and advise them that you require them to raise an online purchase order. Your department should provide you with an online shop order number. This must be presented to the operations staff when you submit your file.

Departmental orders with multiple quantities of posters:
ALL files for printing should be presented with the purchase order. If this is not possible a separate purchase order should be raised for each file for printing.

Departments who are not registered should do so via the IT Services Payment Handling webpage.

Print Card:
A print card can be purchased via the IT Services Online Shop. The card will be topped up when presented with the online shop order number. Credits for payment will be deducted when presenting your file for printing.
(per sheet) for colour printing are:
  • A0 Matt - £21.60 (£18.00 ex VAT)
  • A1 Matt - £10.80 (£9.00 ex VAT)
  • A2 Matt - £5.40 (£4.50 ex VAT)
  • A0 Satin - £42.00 (£35.00 ex VAT)
  • A1 Satin - £21.00 (£17.50 ex VAT)
  • A2 Satin - £10.50 (£8.75 ex VAT)
  • A4 and A3 - 90p (75p ex VAT) per sheet

2.5.2. Summary of Client's Responsibilities

  • The client is expected to have consulted the Printing Service online documentation prior to submitting a job.
  • Refunds cannot be given where poor quality output is due to problems inherent to the file supplied for printing.
  • The client must pay for the service via the IT services Online Shop or by departmental purchase order.
  • The client must be aware of and comply with the University's current IT regulations.
  • The client must comply with UK copyright laws. IT services reserves the right not to deal with material that may infringe copyright.

Contact: Please direct any enquiries about the service to the Data Centre Operations on (2)73271 or email Operations staff

3. Offset lithographic printing service

Figure ryobi.jpg [Ryobi printer]

We offer competitive prices on short to medium print runs (1,000 – 10,000)

Paper Specifications

File Formats

Image Quality

Finishing Quality

Green issues
Most two and four-colour work is printed on environmentally-friendly, forest-managed coated stock in gloss art, satin or silk
Colleges and departments are VAT exempt

Email for a quote to:-