1. OUCS Publications

OUCS produces a range of documents useful to all sections of the University including research related items, general help guides, resources documents, annual reviews, IT news, etc.

IT: A Vital Component. IT, Impact, and Public/Business Engagement - A Brief Guide
The issues of public engagement and demonstrating how your project could have a beneficial impact on society are now becoming increasingly important to many researchers and lecturers within the University. In this brief guide we list a series of practical suggestions on how you can use IT tools to help meet both these goals.
OUCS in 2011
Thumbnail of cover of OUCS in 2011
This review of 2011 summarises and celebrates the continuing achievements by OUCS staff in delivering highquality reliable services, supporting the Information Technology needs of the collegiate University as cost-effectively as possible, and adjusting to new demands.

Other Reports

Other Activities

  • Artweeks at OUCS
  • A report from the annual Freshers Survey, looking at freshers' IT experience and conducted at Freshers Fair, is available from marketing@oucs.ox.ac.uk

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