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Artweeks at OUCS 2010


Figure ArtweeksINframeWEB.jpg [OUCS Artweeks poster]

Why OUCS Artweeks? I think it is easier to ask how, rather than why, the idea of OUCS Artweeks came about. During 2008 a group of us began meeting together discussing how to create a community art project around sea and landscapes and recycling and the environment. We started off thinking first about using textiles and recycled waste, and then photography. The then small group were allocated workspace in the basement next to the OUCS band (pleasant if sometimes loud). The idea had been born and soon a typical OUCS mail list was formed and the idea began to take hold with a wider group participating.

Now we have 5 photographers, textile art and jewellery makers participating with more people still coming forward, some tentatively, each offering a glimpse into their passion. Each artist has their own unique style and you will be able to find out more about the participants by looking at the OUCS Artweeks web pages here.

So that was the how, now to the why. I would say it is because OUCS itself encourages staff to be fulfilled in more than just their work. It is a place where ideas flourish and not all directly related to work. We are after all innovative and talented at more than one thing, often bringing the same technical ability and creativity to bear on more than just our work at and for OUCS. You will no doubt see that same technical ability and creativity combined and reflected in all the works displayed no matter what the media.

1. Denise McDonough

Figure DMportrait.jpg [Photo of Denise]

Denise completed her BSc in Fine Arts in Madison, WI in the USA where she was born. A job in advertising after university started a love affair with Apple Mac computers and desktop publishing.

Living abroad has fulfilled a lifelong dream of travel and photography. It allows her to blend her painting skills and the special effects of digital image software to create mixed media canvas. Someday Denise hopes to own a B&B in a sunny climate and provide relaxing art holidays for guests.

At OUCS she staffs our busy Help Desk supporting PCs as well as Macs.

Later this year Denise has been invited to show her work at Linacre College.

All images available on canvas or traditional prints. Portfolio available at

Commissions welcome.

For details contact: 07766912701


Figure DM-all.jpg [Photos of pitcher plant, Frost, White Rose]

2. Dragonfly Co-operative

Figure hands.jpg [Many Hands]

Dragonfly Co-operative is a group of five women plus guest artists who love to make jewellery. All the profit from sales create a fund managed by Ingotec, a social enterprise which was started by OUCS staff, to offer low-to-no-cost IT services to charities.

We try to operate ethically, and use environmentally friendly materials wherever we can. Being intrinsic hoarders, we love to resuse, recycle and generally reduce waste, which is reflected in our recycled range. As a co-operative our aims are to stay friends, have fun, make stuff and make money to give away.

The co-operative consists of staff from OUCS and Jane our seed-bead queen who works within Sociology. Those who work in OUCS do so in a variety of roles within the following sections: Personnel, Learning Technologies and Infrastructure Systems and Support Group. OUCS staff have been very supportive in other ways too including purchasing our goods, bringing us broken jewellery to repair or donating unwanted/broken jewellery and saving waste products. We are really grateful to all our volunteers and supporters.

Figure transformation1.jpg [Button and cable flower brooch]

Transformation One: An old button makes a beautiful centre to this flower knitted from the inside of a former network cable. Mounted as a brooch.

Figure transformation2.jpg [Rose neckace]

Transformation Two: PaperRose A dog rose made from several fruit teabags hung asymmetrically on a knitted silk necklace, made from a hand painted silk scarf.

Figure transformation3.jpg [Silk chocker and beads]

Transformation Three: Skybluewaterfall This waterfall of beads suspended on sterling silver wire hangs from a french knitted choker made from silk ribbon torn from a ruined silk painting.

3. Jason Zerdin

Figure JZportrait.JPG [Jason Zerdin]

Jason studied for a DPhil in Comparative Philology at Oxford and has also lived in New York, Edinburgh and Southend-on-Sea.

At the moment he works for the HFS, OUCS' university-wide data backup service.

He especially likes photographing dilapidated or ruined buildings.

Commissions welcome.

Figure JZ-all.jpg [Photos of reflections in mirrored shape statue, ruined arches and sky, building interior arches, sail boat in the mist]

4. KT Lindsay: Photography born of purpose

Figure ktlindsay.jpg [Kate Lindsay]

Figure KT1.jpg [Tree]

KT Lindsay (Kate Lindsay) is a fine art photographer and digital artist. Dabbling with a range subject matter including landscape, environmental portraits, and self-portraiture her work shows a continuous need to illustrate and interpret how she sees the world and the photographer’s place within it. Recently Kate has displayed work at the “Made in Oxford” exhibition at the Jam Factory, and has had her work highly commended in competitions by the Galapagos Conservation Trust, and the Oxford University Photography Society. Most of her work is available under a non-commercial attribution creative commons licence and has been used widely for rock band posters, album covers, and theatre bills.

This collection draws together landscape works to illustrate the theme of conservation, the need to preserve and protect parts of our planet that have been and will continue to be under threat by our own actions. The collection is thus 'born of purpose', a compulsion to create images that tell the story of people and places in slivers of time that may be lost.

At OUCS Kate is a manager within the Learning Technologies Group, focusing on engagement and communications with the University and beyond.


For prints and commissions please contact

5. Rob Zachlod

Figure RZportrait.jpg [Rob Zachlod]

Rob is lucky to have found himself motivated enough to be successful in two diverse areas of life. His main profession is IT, employed as a technical support engineer at Oxford University Computing Services. Along with his computing skills comes a natural, yet sublime attitude towards photography. At many levels these two overlap: the in-depth understanding of cutting edge technologies, backed up with relevant equipment makes the post-processing more efficient, but also the engineering skills combined with scientific approach reflect on his style in photography. Rob spends his spare time working on freelance assignments - corporate and architecture - although his main focus is on portraits of people.

For prints and enquiries contact on:

Figure RZ-all.jpg [Arches at St Johns, Amphitheatre at Said Business School]

6. Sue Fenley

Figure SFportrait.jpg [Sue Fenley]

Sue Fenley started off in Archaeology, and then became interested in computers as the amount of data kept increasing exponentially. Sue has worked at various institutions as an academic- including King’s College London, Reading and now Oxford. She works at OUCS as a Research Facilitator.

Having worked as a draughtsman on a range of archaeological sites she likes pen and ink and wash drawings, and also silk painting.

The silk painting, initially abstract and pictorial, has now been converted into more practical items. Using sea/ocean wave patterns, abstract designs and Celtic patterns and symbols, a range of accessories have been produced – scrunchies, small bags, phone slips etc, all to raise money for World Challenge.

Sue’s daughter Anouschka has taken on a World Challenge expedition to Cambodia and Thailand, where she will help local villagers, do a jungle trek and study the local life and habitats of the area. She is self funding for this and needs to raise an inordinate amount of money for her travel and stay. All the money raised will be put into this challenge.

If you like the items but need something different, or in a different colour we’re quite prepared to take this on – just let us know and we’ll arrange it!

Figure SF-all.jpg [Painted silk]

7. Tim Fernando

Figure TFportrait.jpg [Tim Fernando]

Figure TF1.jpg [Obama supporter]

Tim Fernando grew a love for photography from an early age, perhaps precipitated by his father allowing him to use his SLR camera at the age of four (which was promptly dropped). Born in Yorkshire, later living in Oxfordshire, northern California and Sri Lanka, Tim loved to travel and photograph the atmosphere of where he went.

During his time studying Aerospace and Electrical engineering at Bristol, he worked as a professional photographer at many of the University's formal events often with a large studio setup.

More recently whilst working at OUCS, Tim has been found specialising in documentary photography. Notable photographed events include the inauguration of President Obama, the devastation of hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and the effects of the 2006 south Asian Tsunami in Sri Lanka.

At OUCS, Tim is the manager of Mobile Oxford ( the University's mobile portal as well as associated research projects.


Figure TF-all.jpg [Arches, old building]

8. Other Artweeks Contributors

8.1. Dave Hastings

I am an amateur entomologist and have been interested in butterflies for many years. At OUCS I am involved in writing code to support web/database interactions for the Registration service.

8.2. Grazyna Cooper

Grazyna Cooper is the Head of the IT Learning Programme at OUCS. She paints purely for pleasure. She loves painting with acrylic and likes to experiment with colour. Most of her paintings are abstract. She has only taken up painting in the last couple of years and still considers herself to be a complete novice at it. She attends painting classes near Woodstock and is happy to recommend her art teacher to anybody who is interested in learning how to paint.

Grazyna in her spare time runs a psychotherapy practice and her clients often draw as part of their therapy. She encourages them to use colour in their drawings in a non-literal way that communicates their inner feelings.

8.3. Jackie Hewitt

Jackie has been interested in fabric and design since she was a child and started out making clothes for her trolls. In her teens and twenties she was a member of the Sealed Knot Historical Re-Enactment Society and made costumes for herself and others. She continues to sew and design her own clothes with a flair for Bollywood.

Jackie has been at OUCS Registration since March 1996 and now also works on the busy Help Desk as a Help Centre Consultant.

8.4. Jean Davis

I am a part time receptionist at OUCS, formerly a teacher of young children and special needs students. I have recently become very interested in textile and stitch work at a textile course. The tree idea came from a holiday in New Zealand last year where I saw trees "bleeding".

8.5. Joseph Talbot

I like drawing, painting and stuff, me.

I chucked paint around from 1994 - 1997 at University of Chichester (not that it was called that then...) and got a degree in Art with Related Arts for my troubles.

I doodled on a computer from 1999 - 2001 (grapihc tablets are grest, aren't they?) at Oxford Brookes University to make (an online comic) and got an MA in Electronic Media (with distinction, since you asked...)

I manage the Web Design Consultancy Service here at OUCS, which is quite a lot of messing around on computers, so I try to steer clear of them for my artwork these days. Lately, I am mostly messing around with ink and acrylic, with the odd bit of oil painting.

If you like my style, I am available for commissions, please drop me a line at

8.6. Katherine Craddock

comes from a family with a history of amateur artistic talent. Both her father and grandmother coerced family members into modelling for portraits sculpted in clay. Katherine herself has dabbled in various art forms from painting and sketching to lithograph printing, silk screening, photography and jewellery making. Grindel was created during a family holiday in Switzerland and then fired and glazed a number of years later in Germany.

8.7. Nicky Tomlin