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Artweeks at OUCS: 2011


Figure artweeks-advert.jpg [OUCS Artweeks 2011 poster]

Artweeks is the country's biggest open studio event with more than 500 free exhibitions across the whole of the county. Amazing art is available to view or buy in a huge variety of different locations.

This year OUCS invites you to enjoy a range of beautiful and inspiring pieces within the department’s converted Victorian houses.

1. When, Where and Who?

Monday 14th May - Friday 18th May 2012, 11.30am - 1.30pm

Oxford University Computing Services
13 Banbury Road, Oxford OX2 6NN
01865 273200

Please join us for Artweeks at OUCS, it’s free and everyone's invited.

For further enquiries please contact:

Details of our artists are listed within the following sections...

2. Dragonfly Co-operative

Figure hands.jpg [Many Hands, composite image of Collective's work]

Dragonfly Co-operative is a group of five women plus guest artists who love to make jewellery. All the profit from sales create a fund to buy IT equiqment for charities. This fund is managed by Ingotec, a social enterprise which was started by OUCS staff, to offer low-to-no-cost IT services to charities.

We try to operate ethically, and use environmentally friendly materials wherever we can. Being intrinsic hoarders, we love to re-use, recycle and generally reduce waste, which is reflected in our recycled range.

The co-operative consists of staff from OUCS and Jane our seed-bead queen who works within Sociology. Those who work in OUCS do so in a variety of roles within the following sections: Personnel, Learning Technologies and Infrastructure Systems and Support Group. OUCS staff have been very supportive in other ways too including purchasing our goods, bringing us broken jewellery to repair or donating unwanted/broken jewellery and saving waste products. We are really grateful to all our volunteers and supporters.

Figure website.jpg [Just some of our recycled items]

3. David Hastings

Figure david_hastings_image.jpg [Butterfly photo]

David is an amateur entomologist and has been interested in butterflies for many years. More recently he has developed an interest in dragonflies and damselflies as well.

This collection comprises photographs of a number of these insects which were taken during 2010.

At OUCS David is involved in writing code to support web/database interactions for the Registration service.

Enquiries: david.hastings 'at'

4. Melissa Highton

Figure Melissa-bowl.jpg [Photo of a hand thrown bowl]

Melissa Highton leads the Learning Technology Group in OUCS and she likes to throw things.

5. Llewellyn Images

'Simple things please me' is a collection brought together by Miranda and Simon Llewellyn.

Figure finalpigeon.jpg [Photo - pigeon flying]

Simon is a talented photographer and Miranda a keen artist. Together they have travelled far and wide, across Eastern Europe, Russia, China and Japan, capturing simple images of everyday people and places. They enjoy the freedom travelling brings and the pleasure of being completely immersed in a foreign culture - watching a new world unfold.

At the University of Oxford, Miranda manages various projects for the Director of IT and Oxford University Computing Services. She specialises in communications and public relations. Simon is an Intellectual Property and Patent Litigation solicitor in London.

6. Denise McDonough

Figure DeniseAgapStunning8mb.jpg [Photo, close up of blue flowers]

At OUCS Denise staffs our busy Help Desk supporting PCs as well as Macs.

Denise completed her BSc in Fine Arts in Madison, WI in USA where she was born. A job in advertising after university started a love affair with Apple Mac computers and desktop publishing. Someday Denise hopes to own a B and B in a sunny climate and provide relaxing art holidays for the guests.

All images available on canvas or traditional prints. Commissions welcome.

email: info 'at'

7. Robin Stevens

Figure robin.jpg [Photo of steam engine]

After completing a doctorate in Astrophysics, Robin joined OUCS in 1999 as a member of the Networks team. Currently he heads the Network Security Team (OxCERT).

He has been a keen amateur photographer for several years and rarely travels anywhere without a camera. While he may turn his hand to almost anything, he has a particular passion for travel in the USA, from the major coastal cities to the spectacular mountains and deserts of the west. Here he presents some of his favourites from recent years.

8. Jason Zerdin

Figure JZ-all.jpg [Photos of reflections in mirrored shape statue, ruined arches and sky, building interior arches, sail boat in the mist]

jason.zerdin 'at'

Jason has a DPhil in Comparative Philology from Oxford and has also lived in New York, Edinburgh and Southend-on-Sea.

He works for the HFS, OUCS' university-wide backup and archive service.

He especially likes photographing dilapidated or ruined buildings, both modern and ancient, and takes the opportunity to do so wherever he travels - most recently in trips in the UK, Europe, the USA and India.

9. Last Year - Artweeks at OUCS: 2010

OUCS began its involvement in Artweeks in 2010 - Artweeks at OUCS: 2010