4. Dragonfly Co-operative

Many Hands, composite image of Collective's work

Dragonfly Co-operative is a group of Oxford women who love to make jewellery. All the profit from sales create a fund managed by Ingotec, a social enterprise set up to buy IT equiqment for charities. Ingotec was started by OUCS staff to offer low-to-no-cost IT services to charities.

We try to operate ethically, and use environmentally friendly materials wherever we can. Being intrinsic hoarders, we love to re-use, recycle and generally reduce waste, which is reflected in our eco range.

The co-operative consists of staff from OUCS and Jane, our seed-bead queen, who works within Sociology. Those who work in OUCS do so in a variety of roles within the following sections: Personnel, Learning Technologies, and the Infrastructure Systems and Support Group.

OUCS staff have been very supportive in so many ways including purchasing our goods, bringing us broken jewellery to repair or donating unwanted/broken jewellery and saving waste products. We are really grateful to all our customers, volunteers and supporters. Thank you.

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