3. Posters

Please feel free to download and print the following PDF files at any size you like and display where you feel appropriate to bring the service to the attention of students and staff.

3.1. Open Spires - Two Posters

Thumbnail of Open Spires poster 1 Thumbnail of Open Spires poster 2

3.2. Webex Posters

Thumbnail of Webex Click-Connect-Collaborate poster
Figure 2. Click Connect Collaborate
Thumbnail of Webex Skip the Trip poster Thumbnail of Webex Work Green poster

3.5. Computer Hardware Breakdown Service Posters

3.8. Make: Posters

NOTE: These posters do not include any reference to OUCS or use the OUCS logo so are not suitable for display outside OUCS

Thumbnail of Make Music posterMake Music poster, Thumbnail of Make Audio posterMake Audio poster, Thumbnail of Make Podcasts posterMake Podcasts poster

Thumbnail of Make Open posterMake open poster, Thumbnail of Make Images posterMake Images poster, Thumbnail of Make Posters posterMake Posters poster

Thumbnail of Make Video posterMake Video poster

3.9. Older Poster Series

Note: Many of these are out of date and advertise services or URLs which no longer apply

Archive Posters

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