1. Groupware Update

The Groupware project aims to provide a University-wide integrated system for email, calendaring and document sharing using Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint.

We are currently gathering information to assist us in scoping requirements for moving users from various disparate systems around the University. This does not commit any unit to migrating, but will allow us to group similar systems when we look at required tools.

We are pleased to report that Srilak Wickramaratne has now joined the team as Systems Administrator. We are also hopeful that we may soon have a Senior Systems Administrator to work with Srilak.

The Project Specification Document, to identify the boundaries of the service to be provided by March 2010, is awaiting ratification by the Project Board. Once this is agreed it will be published on the OUCS website.

Hardware - An early draft of the design document has been finalised, allowing us to place an order for the storage and networking infrastructure. This will enable us to have data replicated across two data centres: thus making the service that much more resilient to a site failure. An invitation to tender for the remaining hardware was issued last week for return in early January. All the storage area network kit has arrived and all the hardware for the production system has been selected.

Architectural design - The architectural design document has been sent to Microsoft for comment. Work is progressing to establish requirements for integration of our user registration service with the new service, and for integration with the University's single sign-on infrastructure.

Work is also continuing to ensure that best value for money and availability of service is provided under the licensing offered from Microsoft, and a group will be specifically addressing these issues. Another work group is to be established to look into migration and archiving issues.

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